The Source

Have you ever desperately wanted something and didn’t get it, but when you don’t need it anymore, there it is? I think God does those things on purpose. Not to make us feel we can’t ever have what we want, but to make sure we don’t chase after an easy answer that can’t truly satisfy.

When we fear a lack in our lives, our first instinct is to stockpile that thing we need, ensuring our security. A stockpile of money means we can buy whatever we want, making sure we’re happy. A ton of friends on Facebook means we’ll never be lonely. Wait, isn’t that right?

It’s like fear of the dark. Is it darkness we fear? Probably not. We’re afraid of things we can’t see. Harmful things hiding under the bed. The switch brings light to hidden corners. We know when we hit the switch, the light will come on. But we have to hit the switch. What if instead, we worry and fret until the sun comes up? Problem solved, right? Oops, not so much. Sunlight brings relief for another day, but nightfall looms again.

Does that mean darkness is the enemy? No, it signals time for the rest our bodies desperately need. So the answer isn’t to remove darkness permanently, but to know light is just a switch away.

God is the power in our lives, waiting to be called on in our time of need. He knows we need money and friends and other such things, but He wants us to turn to Him, the source of all good things.

About cewaterman

I love God, my family, and writing--in that order. I live in Colorado, and I like to play golf, hike (not 14'ers, that's my husband's passion), and generally enjoy the beautiful scenery that God created. I have two beautiful daughters, three wonderful grandchildren, and a husband who has loved me well for over thirty years. I am truly blessed. I love encouraging people on the journey to becoming what God created them to be, including myself!
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  1. Lori Norwood says:

    This is so incredible and insightful Chris. Thank you so much


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