4 Steps to Joy

What is Joy? My favorite definition is a calm delight.  It’s different from happiness which comes and goes, triggered by events and circumstances.  Joy is deeper; more a state of being. I believe joy flows under the surface of our lives continuously.  We don’t always access it, but when we open the wellspring, we experience a soul satisfying sense of well being.

So how do we find joy?

  1. Praise – 1 Thes 5:16-18 16 Rejoice always, 17 pray continually, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.  He’s not so much giving a command, as He is providing guidance. The best route to joy is in praising our creator. If you’ve lost your bliss – start singing and praising God for each and every good thing, and keep it up.  It may feel strange at first, but it will grow.


  1. Nature – The verse on my welcome page is a favorite of mine. Search out the beauty of God’s creation every day and discover joy in your surroundings. When the big picture is unclear, focus on a single flower, or the sunset, or a star filled sky. Pause and experience a moment of joy.


  1. Generosity –The pipeline absorbs the blessing. In other words, when God works through us to fill a need, we experience joy in the doing. He allows us to help, and it takes our minds off ourselves and helps us remember his greatness.


  1. Grace –Giving grace to each other is generosity of spirit. When we allow others to make a mistake without harsh criticism, we can allow ourselves to be human as well. Fear of a blunder can produce heavy stress. Giving a break to yourself and others will produce its own form of joy.

About cewaterman

I love God, my family, and writing--in that order. I live in Colorado, and I like to play golf, hike (not 14'ers, that's my husband's passion), and generally enjoy the beautiful scenery that God created. I have two beautiful daughters, three wonderful grandchildren, and a husband who has loved me well for over thirty years. I am truly blessed. I love encouraging people on the journey to becoming what God created them to be, including myself!
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2 Responses to 4 Steps to Joy

  1. Linde says:

    Very beautifully said. We all could use a dose of the 4steps. I trust you Lord and I know you are working on my behalf.


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